Friday, November 21, 2008

Bever Baby

Well it is 4 o' clock in the morining, and I am waiting to call the hospital to see if there have been any delays on my scheduled induction, and how better to spend that time than blogging. I find myself pondering so many different things, and I find that my emotions are completely different with this baby than with any of the others. Maybe it is because this baby is coming into the world with some health concerns.

The doctor has chosen to induce me because he is concerened about the amniotic fluid, and unfortunatley this baby has some kidney problems that have progressively gotten worse, and low fluid can lead to Kidney failure. So after 3 whole visits with my docter (I was seeing a midwife before). I will be having a baby. I have not even seen the maternity ward, when requesting a room with a jacuzzi tub I was informed that they were in the hall. I asked if it was like going to the spa.

Please remember us in your prayers I am sure that all will go well. we will keep you posted.

Any suggestions for names would also be appreciated


Stacie said...

I will def keep you and your family in my prayers. thanks for posting an update & btw, cute blog background!

Patti said...

We will remember you in our prayers, you can be sure! As to names, here are a couple of my suggestions..... Boy = Cody (I love that name) Girl = Marie...yeah, I know, I guess she's just been on my mind lately...any name you chose will be perfect!