Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Random Things

So I have been tagged enough times that I figured I should do some soul searching and come up with 25 random things, let me tell you these are my deepest thoughts.J/K

25 Random Things About ME!

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25. I just had my first epidural with my fourth child, I loved it

24. I can;t wait for my kids to all bein school so that I can go back, I love learning

23. I love to read, just about anything, I think you can learn something from everything, but my favorite book is Blink

22. I would travel nonstop if I didn't have kids, it doesn't matter if I am in Oregon, New York, or another country there is always something to learn

21. I wish that my spanish was better

20. I had a cat named toes, because she had a sixth toe

19. I hate how difficult it is for me to come up with 25 things, who knows me better than me

18. I love that I can keep in touch and catch up with friends on Facebook

17. I can not stand clutter, it is really hard form to relax at night, if everything is not is it's place

16. I wish my photos that are stuffed in boxes would magically get scrapbooked

15. I hate crafts

14. Chocolate Eclairs call to me at night, I love them

13. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, I just hate the cleanup

12. I love Mexican food

11. Playing the piano is one of two things that can calm me down

10. There is nothing like sweating out your frustrations (see # 11)I love running and my cross country ski machine

9. I just ran my first half marathon 20 weeks pregnant, and just starting training for my next.

8. I do not have any desire to run a full marathon. 3 1/2 hours of running would get boring

7. In Highschool Red Hot Chilli Peppers was my favorite band, I carried a laminated photo of them around with me in my wallet.

6. I have lived in Oregon longer than anywhere else, I guess that makes this home

5. In good weather I like to target shoot with my bow and arrow

4. I do not like pets but I have a horse, dog, and a fish

3. I am terrified of my horse, but think that my kids should learn how to ride her

2. I do not like to eat anything that lives in water

1. I love being a mommy, the miracle of my children never ceases to amaze me

1 comment:

Patti said...

What a fun thing to read and learn a little about you! We could never live together becasue I LOVE FISH! eating them, that is. Yummy. On the other hand, we could definitely go to a marathon together, take our lawn chairs, eat junk food and watch the crazy people who LIKE to run! I've never heard of the book Blink, who is the author?