Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lewis's Birthday

So I know that I have been awful at posting so I will update everything that I can. We just finished our birthday week. It started with Lewis turning 6. It was so much fun to go to his school and have lunch with him. He had requested an apple pie for his birthday so I made one of them for him and he wanted bacon and eggs for dinner. That night we gave him a big boy bike. (I mean really big) it is a 21 speed and it is 20" it is probably a little bigger for him than what it should be, but after two days he was riding it and getting on and off without any help. he just has to use the curb to make him a little taller. A few days latter we had a birthday party, it was over Memorial Day weekend so only a few boys were able to make it (I promise I did not plan that on purpose for my sanity). WE had a great time, I Let Jayden plan the party. He wanted a batman theme so Jayden wrote a ransom note from the Joker and planned a scavenger hunt to find Batman. (the pinata) The boys loved it the only problem is afterwards William keeps telling me that batman ate all if the candy so we hit him with a bat to get it back. (great lesson)I can't believe that Lewis is six and has his Kindy graduation on Wednesday. He is so much fun and such a loving boy I am so grateful he is a part of our family.

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