Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spirit Week

This week at School is Spirit Week and Jayden has been so excited, Lewis is done with it all. Monday was Pajama Day, Lewis did participate, but beyond that he wanted nothing to do with it. Wednesday was wacky hair and hat day, usually Lewis fights me on doing his hair, I though great I do not have to do his hair today, but no he wanted it done, and of course today when it is not wacky hair day he fought me once again. Today is 80's day Jayden wanted a picture then cursed me for my lack of pictures in the first few days, maybe we will have a reinactment. Jayden told me they chose the 80's becaus emost of their mom's were in high school for the 80's I told her I was only 1 year from being born in the 80's, but that the kids now are already dressing like the 80's, her outfit was far to easy to come up with. Here are the photos of Jayden for 80's day.

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